Brett Gardner’s Role On The Yankees Should Be Limited

The Yankees need to face the facts. GARDNER IS DONE!

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Gardner is flat out terrible this year. The Yankees already have his replacement in Frazier, Tauchman AND Florial.

Brett Gardner is so bad he can’t touch rookies crap stuff. He’s 2 for his last 81 now…

Gardner’s issue are not just tweak and they go away things! I was a .800 hitter by senior year in high school and my only minor league season. I KNOW HITTING! Gardner’s bat is completely gone due to his age and is not coming back! He’s even struggling to field the ball and his caught stealing rate has skyrocketed. He’s done! His career is over! ENOUGH ALREADY!

WHEN WILL IT END? When will the Yankees finally DFA Gardner and give the young kids a chance and make it exciting again?

Give Estevan Florial a chance already! He is flat out raking at the alternate site and launching 450+’ bombs!  What do the Yankees have to lose? He can’t be any worse than Gardner!

Give the kids a chance! Ford is struggling but needs steady playing time to get going.

Estrada is looking great when not getting called out on strikes on pitches literally a foot out of the zone.

Wade is even looking good. NOT GREAT!

Bring some excitement! End the boring crap!

Almost every team has brought up a young gun to bring some excitement to their teams.