Who Is Felix Pantaleon ?

Felix Pantaleon, SEO expert, Video Production, Web Site Development and Coding.

NYYNEWS.com was founded in 2005 by Felix Pantaleon. It was one of the first popular MLB blogs to go viral on the internet and made way for future sports bloggers to become successful.

Felix Pantaleon is a Web Developer, online websites like “NYYNEWS.com” has taken Major League Baseball by storm.

Felix Pantaleon is also a video producer, along with being a Web Designer & Coder. NYYNEWS.com was designed and created by Felix Pantaleon. Felix Pantaleon was only 20 years old when he decided to take Yankees News into his own hands.

Felix Pantaleon’s parents come from The Dominican Republic and was born in Washington Heights on March 3, 1985 And is very knowledgeable in baseball. As he was born and raised to play it since a little boy.

Felix Pantaleon is also active in fitness and likes to travel. Is also interested in things that nobody else would be interested in. This is why his style of reporting is different than the rest, as he has creative ideas and sees things differently than others.

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